Antibiotic administration can eradicate intra-amniotic infection or intra-amniotic inflammation in a subset of patients with preterm labor and intact membranes.

Theis KR1Romero R2Winters AD3Greenberg JM3Gomez-Lopez N4Alhousseini A5Bieda J6Maymon E7Pacora P6Fettweis JM8Buck GA9Jefferson KK10Strauss JF 3rd11Erez O12Hassan SS13.

Intra-amniotic infection is present in 10% of patients with an episode of preterm labor, and is a risk factor for impending preterm delivery and neonatal morbidity/mortality. Intra-amniotic inflammation is often associated with intra-amniotic infection, but is sometimes present in the absence of detectable microorganisms. Antibiotic treatment of intra-amniotic infection has traditionally been considered to be ineffective. Intra-amniotic inflammation without microorganisms has a prognosis similar to that of intra-amniotic infection.