Job Postings

To apply or inquire about job postings, contact:

Jennifer Turpin
Human Resources Coordinator
Perinatology Research Branch
Hutzel Women’s Hospital
Box 4 Detroit, MI 48201

Phone: (313) 577-6358



The ideal candidate should have a Bachelor's degree in business or related field. Candidates must be self-motivated and have strong communication skills, proficient computer skills, strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Familiarity with medical terminology preferred, but not required. Candidates must also demonstrate attention to detail in order to achieve a high degree of accuracy. Experience and/or knowledge of electronic data management systems, database systems design, validation, quality control and implementation, and the entire data management life cycle is required.

  • Assist as needed to obtain samples of cervical and vaginal secretions, maternal blood and urine samples at each research visit or hospital stay as related to specific protocol procedures, labeling samples, logging samples into research specimen log book, packaging samples for transfer to research lab for analysis.
  • Chaperon during vaginal research ultrasounds.
  • Retrieve amniotic fluid from researcher, if the amniocentesis was performed for clinical purposes, and participant agrees to allow a sample of fluid be analyzed for research purposes, label sample and deliver sample to research lab for analysis.
  • Coordinate return dates for subsequent research visits as describes in participant's consent for enrollment and protocol.
  • Prepare research charts prior to appointment date and updating charts as needed with most current information needed for research visit.
  • Obtain informed consents and perform enrollment processes.
  • Enter data into research database after each research visit.
  • Evaluate triage patients to identify previously enrolled participants as well as patients eligible for new enrollment according to obstetric diagnoses and enrollment inclusion criteria.
  • Obtain the status of research participants on the labor & delivery and high risk units.
  • Collaborate with clinical staff to obtain all necessary specimens and data.
  • Provide notification of important diagnoses and/or laboratory results to data review research staff.
  • Additional duties as assigned.

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
    Able to problem solve. Identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner. Gathers and analyzes information skillfully.
    Excellent phlebotomy skills.
    Able to navigate computer systems and enter data into database.
    Can apply effective interpersonal skills to provide service. Comfortable working in a team environment. Adapts to changes in the work environment.
    Ability to manage multiple priorities.
    Prioritizes and plans work activities; adapts for changing conditions.
    Demonstrated research skills preferred.