Academic Affiliations

Assistant Professor

  • Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Wayne State University School of Medicine and the Perinatology Research Branch, NICHD/NIH/DHHS
Education & Training
  • M.D. – Chonbuk National University College of Medicine, Jeonju, Republic of Korea
  • Residency – Obstetrics and Gynecology, Busan Paik Hospital, Inje University, Busan, Republic of Korea
  • Fellowship – Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Busan Paik Hospital, Inje University, Busan, Republic of Korea
Research Interests
  • Intra-amniotic infection and inflammation
  • Placental pathology in pregnancy complications
  • Prenatal ultrasound diagnosis and pathologic findings in fetal anomalies
  • Fetal therapy
Research Accomplishments
  • Development of placental pathology in normal pregnancy, placenta previa, preterm labor, and fetal death
  • Mechanisms of fetal death
  • Authored and co-authored more than 30 reports and case studies in the field of obstetrics and gynecology
Awards & Recognition
  • 2019 Best Research Award presented at the 105th Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Seoul, Republic of Korea “Placenta pathologic changes and perinatal outcomes in placenta previa”
Select Publications
  • Jung EJ, Byun JM, Kim YN, Lee KB, Sung MS, Kim KT, Jeong DH. Cervical adenocarcinoma has a poorer prognosis and a higher propensity for distant recurrence than squamous cell carcinoma. Int J Gynecol Cancer. 2017 Jul; 27:1228-1236. PMID: 28604449
  • Jung EJ, Eom HM, Byun JM, Kim YN, Lee KB, Sung MS, Kim KT, Shin JB, Jeong DH. Different features of the histopathological subtypes of ovarian tumors in pre-and post-menopausal women. Menopause. 2017 Sep; 24:1028-1032. PMID: 28832426
  • Jung EJ, Cho HW, Byun JM, Lee KB, Sung MS, Kim KT, Jeong DH, Kim YN. Placenta pathologic changes and perinatal outcomes in placenta previa. Placenta. 2018 Mar; 63:15-20. PMID: 29486851
  • Jung EJ, Byun JM, Kim YN, Lee KB, Sung MS, Kim KT, Shin JB, Jeong DH. Antenatal magnesium sulfate for both tocolysis and fetal neuroprotection in premature rupture of the membrane before 32 weeks’ gestation. J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med. 2018 Jun; 31:1431-1441. PMID: 28391733
  • Cho HJ, Jung EJ, Byun JM, Jeong DH, Lee KB, Sung MS, Kim YN. Thrombosed fetal dural sinus malformation: correlation between prenatal ultrasound and autopsy findings. Fetal Pediatr Pathol. 2018 Aug; 37:287-295. PMID: 30265815
  • Romero R, Kim YM, Pacora P, Kim CJ, Benshalom-Tirosh N, Jaiman S, Bhatti G, Kim JS, Qureshi F, Jacques SM, Jung EJ, Yeo L, Panaitescu B, Maymon E, Hassan SS, Hsu CD, Erez O. The frequency and type of placental histologic lesions in term pregnancies with normal outcome. J Perinat Med. 2018 Aug 28; 46:613-630. PMID: 30044764
  • Pacora P, Romero R, Jaiman S, Erez O, Bhatti G, Panaitescu B, Benshalom-Tirosh N, Jung EJ, Hsu CD, Hassan SS, Yeo L, Kadar N. Mechanisms of death in structurally normal stillbirths. J Perinat Med. 2019 Feb; 47:222-240. PMID: 30231013
  •  Winters AD, Romero R, Gervasi MT, Gomez-Lopez N, Tran MR, Garcia-Flores V, Pacora P, Jung E, Hassan SS, Hsu CD, Theis KR (2019). Does the endometrial cavity have a molecular microbial signature? Sci Rep. 2019 Jul 9; 9:9905. PMID: 31289304
  • Gomez-Lopez N, Romero R, Leng Y, Xu Y, Slutsky R, Levenson D, Pacora P, Jung E, Panaitescu B, Hsu CD. The origin of amniotic fluid monocytes/macrophages in women with intra-amniotic inflammation or infection. J Perinat Med. 2019 Oct 25; 47:822-840. PMID: 31494640
  • Gomez-Lopez N, Romero R, Galaz J, Xu Y, Panaitescu B, Slutsky R, Motomura K, Gill N, Para R, Pacora P, Jung E, Hsu CD. Cellular immune responses in amniotic fluid of women with preterm labor and intra-amniotic infection or intra-amniotic inflammation. Am J Reprod Immunol. 2019 Nov; 82:e13171. PMID: 31323170
  • Romero R, Gomez-Lopez N, Winters AD, Jung E, Shaman M, Bieda J, Panaitescu B, Pacora P, Erez O, Greenberg JM, Ahmad MM, Hsu CD, Theis KR. Evidence that intra-amniotic infections are often the result of an ascending invasion – a molecular microbiological study. J Perinat Med 2019 Nov 26; 47:915-931. PMID: 31693497
  • Gomez-Lopez N, Romero R, Tarca AL, Miller D, Panaitescu B, Schwenkel G, Gudicha DW, Hassan SS, Pacora P, Jung E, Hsu CD. Gasdermin D: evidence of pyroptosis in spontaneous preterm labor with sterile intra-amniotic inflammation or intra-amniotic infection. Am J Reprod Immunol. 2019 Dec; 82:e13184. PMID: 31461796