Academic Affiliations
  • Henry L. Brasza Professor of Molecular Medicine and Genetics
  • Professor of Internal Medicine
  • Director, Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics
Education and Training
  • B.S. in Chemistry, City College of New York
  • Ph.D. in Genetics and Biochemistry, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, New York
  • Fellow of the Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Medical Research, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California
    Research Accomplishments
    • Discovered rapid evolution of human electron transport chain genes
    • Identified and isolated a number of cytochrome c oxidase isoform genes
    • Contributed to determining the mitochondrial DNA genetic code
    • Discovered and characterized the novel bi-organellar mitochondrial regulator CHCHD2/MNRR1
    Research Interests
    • Evolution of mitochondrial genes
    • Regulation of mitochondrial function
    • Signaling between mitochondria and nucleus
    • Role of mitochondria in disease
    Select Publications
    • Moreno-Domínguez A, Ortega-Sáenz P, Gao L, Colinas O, García-Flores P, Bonilla-Henao V, Aragonés J, Hüttemann M, Grossman LI, Weissmann N, Sommer N, López-Barneo J. Acute O2 sensing through HIF2α-dependent expression of atypical cytochrome oxidase subunits in arterial chemoreceptors. Sci Signal. 2020 Jan 21; 13:eaay9452. PMID: 31848220
    • Purandare N, Somayajulu M, Hüttemann M, Grossman LI, Aras S. The cellular stress proteins CHCHD10 and MNRR1 (CHCHD2): Partners in mitochondrial and nuclear function and dysfunction. J Biol Chem. 2018 Apr 27; 293:6517-6529. PMID: 29540477
    • Romero R, Erez O, Hüttemann M, Maymon E, Panaitescu B, Conde-Agudelo A, Pacora P, Yoon BH, Grossman LI (2017). Metformin, the aspirin of the 21st century: its role in gestational diabetes, prevention of preeclampsia and cancer, and the promotion of longevity. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2017 Sep; 217:282-302. PMID:  28619690
    • Sommer N, Hüttemann M, Pak O, Scheibe S, Knoepp F, Sinkler C, Malczyk M, Gierhardt M, Esfandiary A, Kraut S, Jonas F, Veith C, Aras S, Sydykov A, Alebrahimdehkordi N, Giehl K, Hecker M, Brandes RP, Seeger W, Grimminger F, Ghofrani HA, Schermuly RT, Grossman LI, Weissmann N. Mitochondrial complex IV subunit 4 isoform 2 is essential for acute pulmonary oxygen sensing. Circ Res. 2017 Aug 4; 121:424-438. PMID: 28620066
    • Aras S, Arrabi H, Purandare N, Hüttemann M, Kamholz J, Züchner S, Grossman LI. Abl2 kinase phosphorylates Bi-organellar regulator MNRR1 in mitochondria, stimulating respiration. Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Cell Res. 2017 Feb; 1864:440-448.  PMID: 27913209
    • Aras S, Bai M, Lee I, Springett R, Hüttemann M, Grossman LI. MNRR1 (formerly CHCHD2) is a bi-organellar regulator of mitochondrial metabolism. Mitochondrion. 2015 Jan; 20:43-51. PMID: 25315652
    • Aras S, Pak O, Sommer N, Finley R Jr, Hüttemann M, Weissmann N, Grossman LI. Oxygen-dependent expression of cytochrome c oxidase subunit 4-2 gene expression is mediated by transcription factors RBPJ, CXXC5 and CHCHD2.  Nucleic Acids Res. 2013 Feb 1; 41:2255-66. PMID: 23303788


    • Molecular Biology and Genetics (MGG 7010)